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ContaCam Application 4.9

ContaCam Application is a video surveillance or live webcam program
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ContaCam Application is a video surveillance or live webcam program.
By using it, you can use any camera connected to your computer as part of a surveillance system. This camera can be used to monitor a certain area of your office, shop or house. You can configure the program to record everything, take snapshots, activate the camera when it detects motion, acquire an image from the camera, print it or send it via email, or create a PDF. ContaCam will even let you control cameras connected to other computers in your network. This way, you can build a complete secure system, with images coming from different cameras in several places.

This program can also be used to record videos that you want to use in conferences, or as animated emails. You can include audio in your recordings. It is possible to use the program in Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak or Spanish. You can fine tune your system completely, telling the program if it will start at the system startup, where it will store your videos, how long the videos will be, and many more. This program also includes tools to edit your videos, and merge them.

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